Kru Thep

Kru Thep - Muay Thai Coach

Kru Thep is an active competitor still fighting in Muay Thai and also recently Western boxing. He has 272 Muay Thai fights under his belt with 200 wins, 70 losses and 2 draws. He started training at age 9 in the Eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani. He is the Max Muay Thai reigning champion at 55kg (121lbs) and also the WPMF (World Professional Muay Thai Federation) current champion. In boxing he has recently had title fights for the WBA, WBC and IBF. He trains hard and has a very classic style of fighting. We are proud to have him represent Bangkok Fight Lab in his continuing combat sporting career.

Kru Nam

Kru Nam - Muay Thai Coach

39 year old Kru Nam, full name Pornpirum Nimma, Muay Thai name Bitpom Lougchowpawpaklong, started Muay Thai at age 15. He has fought 60 times, with 42 wins and 18 losses. A humble, happy coach who has a great understanding of the different needs of his students. He teaches classic Muay Thai techniques and training methods but makes every class fun, perhaps putting a little less pressure on his students than our other trainers.


Kru Songkram - Muay Thai & Boxing

Kru Songkram is our oldest and most experienced trainer at 52, fighting since the age of 12 he has 24 years of Muay Thai and boxing fight experience in both Thailand and China, and has been coaching for over 18 years. He is from the Northern province of Phetchabun but has lived in Bangkok for the last 38 years. His fight record stands at 183 fights, 150 wins, 30 losses and 3 draws. He won Muay Thai Northern Part championship titles twice at 95lb (43kg), and five times in Bangkok in Rajadamnern Stadium at 105lb (48kg), one of the two Muay Thai mecca stadiums in Thailand (the other is Lumpinee). After retiring from Muay Thai he competed in Western boxing and acheived two international championship titles (BABA and WBA) at 105lb.