We have several highly qualified Personal Trainers and while our gym is not lined with cardio machines like a "normal" gym, we have lots of cool functional equipment to work with and of course some padwork or bagwork is likely to make it into your workout.

To help with your fitness goals a short consultation may be required before your first session, so a specific plan can be put in place. If you are already experienced and know what you want to do, this may not be needed.

If you do not require a trainer and just want to use our space and equipment then you will need an Open Gym membership. This access is already given within our main packages but if you want to just come and workout and not take any of our classes, that's fine.

We are constantly upgrading the gym and equipment as well as our knowledge of fitness and health. Unlike "normal" gyms we do not require long term commitment or have complicated ways to give up your membership. So you have nothing to lose by trying us out for a month!